About Nak

Since I was a child, I would plan and dream of all the traveling I would do when I was old enough. Growing up I would look forward to the family road trips we’d take in the summer to visit the grandparents or visit historic destinations. When I really began to experience the lifestyle of travelling was when I became a flight attendant and met my now amazing wife. During that time, I was able to experience many domestic and international locations on layovers. This also allowed me to research and plan where my wife and I would explore more of. Traveling has meant more to me than just a break from day-to-day routine, it is about experiencing a lifestyle and learning about other cultures.

I currently reside in Little Elm, Texas with my spouse and two pomskies, Micah & Mia. I have spent many years in Aviation, first as a flight attendant and then has a technology manager. During this time, I have enjoyed researching and planning many vacations and experiences for not only myself and wife, yet for many of our friends and family as well. I have always enjoyed the process of bringing together an itinerary to create the perfect blend of relaxation and life experiences. Through these itineraries I have felt enjoyment knowing that those I plan for are able to have a less stressful trip as the details have been taken care of and they are just able to show up.

Through my travels I have been fortunate enough to have biked down a volcano; pick grapes and drink fresh grape juice at a vineyard in Southern France, charter a sailboat in Maui to propose to my amazing wife, watch the northern lights from a hot spring in Fairbanks, snorkel and dive with sea turtles, sharks and much, much more...

For me, travel is about a lifestyle that we all need to experience in this life of ours. I want others to discover the lifestyle of traveling by enhancing their experience during the planning phase so that all they have to do is show up and have an extraordinary vacation!